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"Bronzeville Diva" is a trademark entertainment company dedicated to the advancement of music and the artists who seek to continue in the tradition of stellar music performances. Founded in 2006, Bronzeville Diva received it's trademark registration in 2013., Bronzeville Diva has successfully produced over 20 shows in and around the city of Chicago, enlightening audiences with an array of musical concerts featuring talent from yesterday and today's growing field of entertainment. Bronzeville Diva has also become a mentoring source for those who seek a balanced understanding of the African American's journey in performing arts in America post slavery. Modeling the performance and behavior of our artists to the dedication and principles of those who made music more than just a way to get over, but a way to understand, a lifestyle of people re-incarnated in a land where they had no earlier family history.

Today, Bronzeville Diva seeks to further the name and the principles of it's mission by performing the original works of the artists who won this title and assuring it's past is strong and it's future is secure by the use of the moniker.